Introducing the Stroker Ace

With a thin D profile neck, 24 jumbo frets, and a variety of hardware and electronic options, the Stroker Ace is an outstanding platform for your custom guitar.

Pictured above is Black Limba with a Gabon Ebony fingerboard, Gotoh 510 tuners and 1996T locking tremolo.  I chose the Bare Knuckle Nailbomb humbuckers as standard pickups for the Stroker Ace.  Paired with dual push-pull control knobs, this Ace is capable of full single coil operation as well as seven sound switching.
01a Main Body Square

But this is only one possible configuration!  The Stroker Ace can be made with any combination of woods, including drop tops for added beauty! HH, HSS, HSH configurations, even tricked out with mini-switches! Whatever your heart desires!

Drop me a line today to find out how you can make your Stroker Ace dream a reality!

More photos can be seen in the Gallery section.

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