In addition to building custom instruments, I am proud to offer repair and modification services at reasonable rates.

Prices below are samples. In all but a few cases, I’ll be able to diagnose your issue and provide an estimate while you stand by. If further work is required to identify what your instrument needs, I’ll make every effort to make a timely quote by phone or email.

This page represents many of the services I offer. I encourage shooting me a line to see what else I can do!

Custom Work: For jobs such as pickup routing, custom wiring, tremolo installation, and other work that requires more detailed work and preparation, please call the number below, or use the form on the Contact page and provide a complete description of what you’d like to accomplish. I can usually help, advise, and give basic estimates by email or phone.

Restring (includes fretboard clean and condition) $20
Set-up (acoustic guitar) $50
Set-up (electric guitar) $55
Set-up (electric with floating tremolo) $65
Fret Dress (level and recrown frets) includes set-up $140
Refret – includes set-up $255+
Nut Replacement (most instruments) $85
Pickup Installation (solid body electric guitar) $50 for one, add $20 for each additional pickup
Complete Rewire $200+ (Does not include hardware)
Electronic & Wiring Diagnosis & Repair $50 Minimum
Repair Headstock Crack $120+
Repair Broken Headstock $175+
Finish Touchup or Refinishing Contact for estimate